The Mistress of Hate and Pain (mach2kudou) wrote,
The Mistress of Hate and Pain

click your heels together three times


OH MY GOD. oh my god.

alright so after waiting like, a bloody millenia for these shoes pre-ordered in november and promised in february/early march.


at first i was really pissed when it was speculated that it would be a spam; it's hard for me to spend money on anything outside of bills. so i was rather delighted when it was not a scam and i was eventually sent a shipping number.

So I hear a ring at the door today.

why, it's a box! getting into this damn thing was like trying to get into houdini's straight jacket. (that black blob is where my address and phone number were :P )


it's a secret to everybody.


bows with lil rhinestones :3

ruby slipperrrrs

with my awesome grey argyles (tunnel vision? or hiding my dirty floor? :o)


the slightly crooked back bow. (really negligible)

overall, i'd give qcute and this secret shop order a 6/10. the item is exactly the size and color i needed, it was fairly cheap (around $70 for shipping and shoes total), and it actually looks really nice. they fit a little tight with socks, but that's to be expected until i wear them out and about and break them in. the losing points are, of course, the massive delay. the box had a little damage, but it was all cosmetic surface damage; otherwise the item was wrapped neatly in two bags.

i'd recommend ordering from Secret Shop, but don't do it with a deadline of less than 3 months, to be careful.

omg they're so pretty. i keep looking at them all lovingly. i'm soooo exciteeed!!
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